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At The Testament, we are rethinking the way businesses acquire customers, on board merchants or partner with distributors for growth. With state-of-the-art proprietary technology (Market Acquire®) and carefully recruited, trained and managed on-ground/telephonic resources, businesses can get their sales/marketing done without adding any workforce at all. Whether you are a start-up or a Fortune500 company, The Testament can help you grow faster and save costs in the process. In short, Market Acquisition - revolutionised.


Best in class resources for on-ground/tele-calling activations.


Tech-enabled training with special emphasis on retention and engagement.


Proprietary technology (Market Acquire®) recording every bit of data.

Record Pitch Screenshot

Record every pitch

With Market Acquire® you can listen to every pitch happening on-ground/tele-phonically and analyse what works and what doesn’t.
Track Force Screenshot

Track your on-ground workforce

Market Acquire® allows tracking of on-ground workforce by obtaining GPS coordinates of visited locations and giving total control over your salesforce.
Zero Transmission Screenshot

Zero transmission loss

With Market Acquire®’s offline enabled data capturing capacity, there’s no scope of losing any critical information.
Tele-calling Logo

Enable work-from-home tele-calling

You have higher access to talent at much lesser cost Market Acquire® makes work-from-home tele-calling possible.

Our forces deliver your business growth, no strings attached.

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