Learn why organisations of all sizes, across industries prefer The Testament®'s capabilities for business growth.

Men's Grooming Products Company

The company captures market insights from 600 potential distributors in 2 cities with the services of The Testament®

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On-demand home service Aggregator

7500 potential partners identified in 1 month using The Testament®'s market research capabilities.

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Water tech company

Company gains deep insights about customer profile and preferences along with business leads.

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Mobile Payment Service Provider

A mobile payments solution provider acquired critical insights into its target group.

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A Major FMCG Organisation

The company successfully conducts vendor audits in over 10 cities with the help of The Testament®

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Global Consulting Company

A global consulting company successfully conducts a market research drive with the help of The Testament®

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Market Research for a big NGO

An NGO successfully conducts a survey in villages around a major government plant with the help of The Testament®

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