The fastest way to know what the customer wants

An educated decision is the difference between success or failure, it is step which needs several insights, primarily of which is the market research.

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The innovative way to end all your recruitment vows

The average turnaround time in recruiting is 43 days, a number which is directly responsible for a  loss of business and a stymied growth strategy. This data is especially not encouraging when companies end up making poor recruitment decisions just to plug the positions.

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Why the conventional way of customer acquisition is doomed to fail, and how to fix it

In today’s hyper competitive online market space, are startups able to engage the target customers by spending millions of dollars on advertising?

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Why digital marketing fails the gaming industry, and what’s the alternative

An aloof gaming community is being carpet bombed with marketing tactics with no emphasis on buying experience. Is this a big problem? Read More

Biggest Problem with Market Research business, and How It’s Solved

Market Research has earned its share of importance in the history of corporate success. Despite a few Edsels, strategic planning with adequate Market Research is expected to yield results and is thought of as the way to go. Read More