Recruitment Consulting

Recruitment. Crowdsourced.

With proprietary technology - Market Recruit® - we’ve revolutionised recruitment from the core. Market Recruit harnesses the infinite power of people’s connections and recommendations to find the best talent for companies. This reduces turnaround time, decreases cost, and enhances access to better quality of resources. We’re doing to recruitment what Wikipedia did to knowledge – total disruption.

Companies share vacancies

From entry, to mid-level positions across the nation.

Crowd is activated

Market Recruit® is activated, enabling people to recommend their connections for jobs.

Best candidates are identified

The recommendations are screened by The Testament’s team to ensure perfect sync between expectation and delivery.

People are rewarded

Referees get rewarded for each recommendation that gets selected.

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Bulletin Feed

We post your vacancies, and Market Recruit®­­® inspires people to find their best recommendations for you.
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People recommend people

Market Recruit®­­­ enables people to use all the social mediums to inform their connections of the opportunity in your organization.
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People get hired and rewarded

Whenever you select their recommendations, they earn handsome rewards and goodwill.

Witness the power of social recruitment.

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