Market Research

The Data We Fetch, Fetches You Business.

At The Testament, we realise that deeper understanding of your customers leads to critical competitive advantages. With our tech-enabled processes, best in class workforce and absolute transparency, you can do much more than just understanding your customers.


Best in class, trained resources for data collection deployed with carefully crafted strategies to forge meaningful relationships with the sample space.


Proprietary technology (Market Acquire®) for recording every bit of data, including on-ground/telephonic recordings.

Analysis & Outcome

Result oriented analysis crafted to design the position most suitable for your business.

Record Conversation Screenshot

Record every conversation

With Market Acquire® you can listen to every conversation happening on-ground and analyse the ground reality.
On Ground Data Screenshot

Access the on-ground data

With Market Acquire®, you get direct access to primary data, instead of relying on second hand inferences.
Zero Transmission Loss Screenshot

Zero transmission loss

With Market Acquire®’s offline enabled data capturing capacity, there’s no scope of losing any critical information.

Our research means business.

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