Biggest Problem with Market Research business, and How It’s Solved

Market Research has earned its share of importance in the history of corporate success. Despite a few Edsels, strategic planning with adequate Market Research is expected to yield results and is thought of as the way to go. Read More

Jack Dorsey

The Second Steve Jobs : Story Of Jack Dorsey

It very stylishly rewrote the working of social networking and microblogging and confined its territory in the top bracket of the internet. We are talking about ‘Twitter’.
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michio suzuki

Michio : The Carpenter Who Made Cyclemotors – Story Of Suzuki

How far can you go starting as a carpenter? 
The man about whom you’re going to read, died as the Founder of Suzuki. 
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Below The Line - BTL

Why BTL is Dying and How you could Save it: A Marketeer’s Perspective

In the era of precisely targeted, often effective and cheap marketing through various online mediums, one might wonder how relevant offline marketing really is.

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Kiichiro Toyoda

From A Poor Carpenter To Pride Of Japan : Story Of Kiichiro Toyoda (Founder, Toyota)

This Japanese company is well regarded as one of the biggest companies to have taken birth. It is arguably the largest producer of automobiles in the world. Considering market capital, it stands top of all Japanese companies. Evaluating by revenue, this company is ranked 14th richest globally. Read More