Rebecca Hough: The woman behind the plugless charging revolution

Instead of an electric vehicle going to the power station, how cool would it be that the power station came into the parking space? Rebecca Hough, CEO of Evatran, did precisely that.

Tom Hough was the founder of MTC transformers, a company that makes large electrical transformers seen on telephone poles. Things turned when her daughter Rebecca Hough who was working in a consulting company jumped on board!

This young Hough created EVATRAN, initially a subsidiary of MTC, to research a plug less power system and build a prototype for the EV(Electric Vehicle) industry. The system consists of a charging station that is installed in a garage or a driveway, and a receiving device on the undercarriage of the vehicle. Energy is transmitted and converted into electrical current automatically whenever the vehicle is parked. No physical contact!

A year later down the path, Rebecca transformed from a sub-ordinate to a CEO by making Evatran a separate entity. She raised close to $7 million for her company, and recruited big shots such as Google, Hertz, Duke Energy, and Bosch as partners to test and give feedback on Evatran’s products.

Rebecca’s efforts paid off when an aftermarket product rolled, with approximately 400 reservations from owners of the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt understanding with Bosch to sell and install Plugless Power, which will cost consumers approximately $2,800.

No matter what you do, if you don’t let go of your dreams, failure will eventually let go of you. It has been rightly said,”Sky is not the limit, your mind is!”

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