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An educated decision is the difference between success or failure, it is step which needs several insights, primarily of which is the market research.

Being the cornerstone of a successful strategy, continuous research is essential in ridding the complacency stemming from an initial study or the lack of it.
An accurate picture is the need of the hour to mitigate the risks, in the successful launch of a new or improved product.

But isn’t the initial idea enough?

It is, if one needs to the solve the initial roadblocks, but we need to understand that the problems are always evolving, take a page from the successful organizations around the world, they are constantly gathering data to be relevant, identifying the latest trends and competition in the market.

Hence, firms need to shed the hubris that leads them to grossly overestimate their market and back the wrong trend. Initiatives must be supplemented by ground realities uncovered by gathering data from the target audience.

In this talk we can gauge and create brand awareness simultaneously, asking the right questions and staying ahead of the pack.

Need a hand?

The Testament conducts primary market research and collects qualitative and quantitative data using our Market Acquire app. The app can additionally record the pitch and gathers the GPS location for an in depth analysis.

We have been conducting market research for a spectrum of companies which leverage our presence in over 40 cities and reach in to even the remotest regions of India.

You could reach out to us at, or call 011-47508511

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Posted by Syed Zaeem Anwar

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