The Comeback Kid: Nokia 3310

What happens when an unstoppable force meets and immovable object?
Legends crash down. And sometimes, they rise back again.

Nokia Inc, the pride and backbone of Finland's economy was bought by Microsoft for 7.2 Billion Dollars in 2011. But now it's back. 

Did anybody miss Nokia? Their legend is awe inspiring. 

A company founded in 1865 as a wood pulp producing company, Nokia ventured into the electronics business in in 1902. Ten years later, the company laid the foundation of their telephone business. Within eight years, the company was near bankruptcy.

Soon after the merging of its parent companies, Nokia survived the World War 2, by selling electric cables to the Soviet Union. It had the nerves of entering a wide range of businesses like chemicals and footwears, apart from electronics of course.

The company moved forward creating an interesting history by concentrating on the telecommunications industry. Its electronics department remained at a loss for 15 years, but the guys behind the company didn't give up on it.

In 1981, Nokia made the first fully automatic cellphone. Soon after they faced serious financial trouble and decided on divesting from almost every other business apart from the mobile technology one. By 1998, the company became the worlds largest mobile phone manufacturer.

The dream was set and they never looked back. There was no reason to, until 2008.

Apple and other smartphone makers (powered by Google), started taking the slices of the market that Nokia once ruled. Once a leader, Nokia struggled to relive its glorious past. Their alliance with Microsoft, a struggling giant itself, in 2011 proved to be the fatal move for the company. So much that even Microsoft disposed Nokia in 2016 in a joint deal to HMD Global and Foxconn.

And now, Nokia is back from the dead. This might as well be referred to as the rise, fall and a comeback of an inspiring legend, who's responsible for changing the world for better.  

What do we learn from this?
There's is NO unstoppable force, and NO immovable object either.
It's all a matter of time.

Let's wish this comeback legend all the luck in the world. Stay Inspired!

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