Audit drive for a major FMCG company

The company successfully conducts vendor audits in over 10 cities with the help of The Testament®


Auditing is an instrumental tool in strategizing as it determines the credibility of the revenue information. Thus when an FMCG client approached The Testament®, this is exactly what they wanted to do. The client was looking to validate the dispatch and revenue invoices of its distributors spread throughout the nation and chose our pan India reach to complete the task.
A drive had to be conducted in 10 cities across India with the following objectives:

  • Invoice checks to to verify dispatch records
  • Invoice checks to verify revenue records  


The format of the audit was discussed between the two parties (Client and The Testament®) after which The Testament® activated 10 on-ground facilitators, each for a city.
The facilitators were trained by our gamified EnGame app to familiarize them about the market research which was to take place in the following steps:

Step 1:
The distributor were intimated of the process a day before, requiring them to keep the stamped copies of the dispatched order invoices.
In case of outstation customers, they needed to present the lorry receipt.
A pre shared certificate was to be signed and sent to us if the lorry receipt was not present. 

Step 2:
The facilitators were given all the invoices to tally against that particular distributor to be able to conduct the market research.

The facilitators visited the distributors office and tallied the invoices, preparing a list of :
a)   Invoices not dispatched
b)  Invoices not stamped (local)

This list was to counter signed by the distributor. Throughout this audit, transparency was maintained by sharing the picture of the first and last page of stamped invoice/LR with the client in real time by The Testament.


  • Audit completed of 12 distributors
  • Increased transparency
  • Efficient record keeping by the distributors
  • Hands off drive for the company with impeccable operational efficiency

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Posted by Syed Zaeem Anwar

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