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An NGO wanted to survey the villages around a major government plant.

CSR are a noble and effective way to remedy the various ailments that plague society, generally undertaken NGO’s. These tasks may be undertaken in villages or cities, this one was supposed to be done in the villages circumscribing a major Govt plant, on the border of Punjab and Haryana. The NGO is a major player in southern India and partnered with The Testament to understand the demographic, economic and skill level of the villages.

The above metrics were to be used to identify the skills, which could be taught to both men and women; these skills would provide employment in the economic situation of those villages. The Testament was to also provide the suggestions for the action plan to be implemented.




Three facilitators familiar with the regional language were activated , they were equipped with the MarketAcquire app which records and shares the data, pitch, picture and GPS location in real time.

The task was divided into three questionnaires:

1) General Household

  • Education
  • Employment
  • Medical Facilities
  • Aspirations
  • Banking and market facilities

2) Village Authority(Sarpanch)

  • General population
  • Overall Skill level
  • Labour division

3) School

  • Facilities
  • Drop out rates
  • Infrastructure
  • Activities

The project had a huge scale as it had to cover large amount of ground. The data that was captured was acquired from a mix of people in the village ensuring a randomized set.

The facilitators went from village to village, struck up conversations with the locals and pried out the deep rooted problems facing the villagers. The sarpanch was contacted and the facilitators went to houses, Aanganwadis and local hospitals to get quality data.

All the schools in the circle of 10 km of the plant were found, their respective administrators contacted and accurate information recorded.

The data was successfully captured within a span of 7 days and critical insights were unearthed during the candid conversations.



  • High Quality data captured and shared
  • Hands off approach for the NGO
  • Critical Insights
  • Pointers for plan of action shared
  • Comprehensive report in a turnaround time of 20 days





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