Visitor Acquisition for South Asia’s most comprehensive food trade show


The food industry is rapidly modernizing in the subcontinent with the advance of supply chain management and efficient packaging/processing technologies. To rapidly spread the knowledge and facilitate business, the client organized one of the most comprehensive food trade shows in India. Henceforth, the only challenge to be tackled was inviting businesses from across 8 cities in Maharashtra and Gujarat.


We tackled the challenge with our trained facilitators, who were deployed across the 8 cities where they had to contact the people fitting the following profile:

  • Food Manufacturers
  • Bakers
  • Spice and Dry fruits wholesale dealers

The facilitators recorded the pitch and the data on The Testament’s Market Acquire app. This weighted data was assigned to our tele calling forces which systematically persuaded the prospects to attend the show.


  • Over 300 business visitors delivered to the venue
  • Hands off approach for the client
  • Weight data shared for the client’s future endeavors


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Posted by Syed Zaeem Anwar

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