Brand Strategist


Present one or two disruptive insights based on either research or educated cognizance of the communication space, which the Congress could use in their digital campaign against the BJP 

Job Brief:

We are looking for an advertising and marketing nerd who can nurture brands by the virtue of big picture thinking, storytelling, insight-scouting, criteria development tools and synthesis in the development of agreed upon end-goals.

The role will entail a heady mix of research, anthropology, business consultation and communication planning.

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Visitor Acquisition for South Asia’s most comprehensive food trade show


The food industry is rapidly modernizing in the subcontinent with the advance of supply chain management and efficient packaging/processing technologies. To rapidly spread the knowledge and facilitate business, the client organized one of the most comprehensive food trade shows in India. Henceforth, the only challenge to be tackled was inviting businesses from across 8 cities in Maharashtra and Gujarat.


We tackled the challenge with our trained facilitators, who were deployed across the 8 cities where they had to contact the people fitting the following profile:

  • Food Manufacturers
  • Bakers
  • Spice and Dry fruits wholesale dealers

The facilitators recorded the pitch and the data on The Testament’s Market Acquire app. This weighted data was assigned to our tele calling forces which systematically persuaded the prospects to attend the show.


  • Over 300 business visitors delivered to the venue
  • Hands off approach for the client
  • Weight data shared for the client’s future endeavors


Visitor Acquisition For an Automotive Show


Our client has been organizing large scale automotive shows across the globe and it was no surprise when it chose the Detroit of India i.e. Chennai for its next big automotive expo. The challenge was that the show required a large footfall of professionals from an industry which is spread all across India. Hence, they tasked us to reach all the major OEM’s and SME’s and invite them personally for the show.


The solution was to identify the automotive clusters and then fix appointments with the relevant personnel. Simultaneously, teams were deployed across the industrial belts of all the major cities to spread the word in the SME’s.
The VIP invites were extended to executives varying from Purchase managers to CEO’s of all the major OEM’s while the data acquired in the process was sanitized and forwarded to the client in real time.
The weighted data acquired was assigned to our tele calling forces which systematically persuaded the prospects to attend the show.


  • Over 80 OEM’s represented with solid delegations
  • Over 300 SME represented
  • Hands off marketing for the organizer
  • Weighted data useful for clients future endeavors

Visitor Acquisition for an Electronic Expo


The electronic industry in India is projected to be worth 104 billion dollars by 2020. This rapid rise caused by new technologies has opened the channels for the entry of several big players. The need for a single platform to showcase the latest technologies gave birth to Electronica, but, the challenge was to assemble an industry spread across India under a single venue.

The Testament rose to the occasion and rapidly deployed its marketing forces across the industrial belts of the nation.


Teams of facilitators were trained and deployed in the industrial clusters of Northern India. The facilitators were to meet the people of the following profile:

  • R&D heads/Engineers
  • Purchase Manger

The data and pitch was recorded on our Market Acquire App, this data was shared with the client after quality checks. The weighted data acquired was assigned to our tele calling forces which systematically persuaded the prospects to attend the show.


  • Sold out show
  • Over 1000 business visitors delivered to the venue
  • Hands off marketing for the client
  • Industry relevant data to the client


Visitor acquisition for an inaugural laser expo


The trade show industry has to walk a very narrow rope when it comes to visitors, because the success of the show hinges upon them delivering the right crowd to the exhibitors. This rope becomes narrower if it’s a niche B2B exhibition.

This problem resonates across the industry because it is impossible to reach all the prospects spread across the nation, thus the obvious choice would be to send emails to all the relevant executives but we all know where they end up.

To effectively tackle the  conundrum, The Testament came up with elegant service of visitor acquisition for the exhibition industry. We have been working with the largest names in the industry for the past 5 years, delivering industry relevant visitors from across India.

This time our expertise was to be leveraged in making the debut event for lasers a runaway success.

The drive was to target the following industries:

  • Auto Components
  • Sheet Metal
  • Medical Equipment
  • Textile


The drive was started by simultaneously training our facilitators about the pitch,on our gamified app EnGame, and identifying the clusters of the above mentioned industries across NCR.

The plan was made for a multi pronged campaign lasting 20 days across the business hubs of NCR. As the target industry was very specific. working for 20 days, they personally invited business owners and recorded their pitch, name, address, business type, GPS on our MarketAcquire app.


  • 2000 visitors acquired
  • Expedited process
  • Hands off approach for the client
  • Reached SME which usually are not reached by mails
  • Sold out trade show