When Ferrari is not enough: The story of Lamborghini

There was a man who owned a business making tractors. He was quite fond of cars and owned a Ferrari 250GT. However, he realized that his new Ferrari for which he paid thousands of dollars had a broken clutch.
What he realized next was more important. The guys at Ferrari used the same clutch in their car he used in his own tractors. Read More

The god of cobblers : Adi Dassler (founder, Adidas)

Dassler is the name of the person. A man from a small town of Germany who was destined to live an ordinary life. He learnt a humble skill to earn bread. The skill that never really paid well and nor it does today. Dassler trained himself in mending footwear and decided to be a cobbler. Read More

Wealth & IQ

Creation of world’s largest furniture company with an IQ of 85

To be successful, you have to be intelligent. Because most successful people are intelligent.

And with this statement crashes the dreams of almost every person who couldn’t reach the IITs, IIMs and other top tier institutes.But the man we’re talking about – Ingvar Kamprad, is said to have an IQ of less than 100. That implies that he’s less than average when it comes to intelligence. Read More