Thomas Monaghan

When Talent Meets Hardwork: The Inspiring Story of Domino’s

Do you like pizza of Domino’s?
Ever wondered how this chain was founded?

Thomas Monaghan also was known as ‘Tom Monaghan’ was the one who founded this successful chain. But his journey was not so elementary.  Read More

Ray Kroc

From a Barbeque to the world’s largest food factory : Story of McDonald’s

​If the guy shown in the photo had not existed, you would not have been able to eat your favorite burger at the nearest McDonald’s joint. Ray Kroc made McDonalds Corporation what it is today, world’s largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants. He uplifted McDonalds from a restaurant into an empire.

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colonel sanders

A Student of Failure : Colonel Sanders

While enjoying the “finger licking” snacks at KFC, did you ever wonder about the man behind the yummy taste? The man, Colonel Sanders got 1008 rejections before he got his first YES. With that one success Colonel Hartland Sanders changed the eating habits of the whole world with Kentucky Fried Chicken(KFC).
Colonel Sanders started his business and became successful after the age of 65. Before becoming what he is today, he did a variety of jobs like that of a mule handler, insurance salesman, boat pilot and a farmer. 

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