A Student of Failure : Colonel Sanders

colonel sanders

While enjoying the “finger licking” snacks at KFC, did you ever wonder about the man behind the yummy taste? The man, Colonel Sanders got 1008 rejections before he got his first YES. With that one success Colonel Hartland Sanders changed the eating habits of the whole world with Kentucky Fried Chicken(KFC).
Colonel Sanders started his business and became successful after the age of 65. Before becoming what he is today, he did a variety of jobs like that of a mule handler, insurance salesman, boat pilot and a farmer. 

Colonel Sanders’s chicken story began in 1930 when he opened a service station in Kentucky. He served chicken, country ham and steak dishes. As he became more popular, he moved into a 142 seat restaurant.

At aged 65, his restaurant failed as the interstate reduced his passing trade, he took his first Social Security payment of $105. He was broke, and owned a small house and a beat up car. But that didn’t affect his decision that he has got to change. The only idea he had was a chicken recipe. With that idea in mind, he charged with full force. He began visiting potential franchisees.

This is when Colonel Sanders displayed his level of persistence, where he went to, and was rejected by 1008 restaurants until restaurant number 1009 accepted his franchise in 1952. And the rest is history. They launched their first “KFC” site in 1952. During next 10 years, there were over 600 franchised locations in the U. S. and Canada. 

What do you think? Was it Colonel’s chicken recipe that made him world famous?

The answer is “No”. He had this recipe all along during his working years. It was his determination to find new ways to make money that helped him becoming successful. He made tough decisions. He kept taking daily actions even when others used to say “This is a stupid idea”. He kept trying and in the end, he created his own destiny.


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