These are the heroes who've always inspired us to the best versions of ourselves.

Nikola Tesla: The greatest mind that has ever lived

He is regarded as one of the greatest minds to ever step on earth. Most of you must be knowing about Nikola Tesla.Tesla is believed to be one of the most remarkable inventors in the world history.  Read More

The only Indian to garner a lifetime achievement Oscar : Satyajit Ray

We generally cover the inspiring stories of great businessmen and inventors, though we sincerely believe that an accomplishment in any art form is as eternal and inspiring as any other and sometimes more.

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The book that tipped the decade: Story of Malcolm Gladwell

Every organisation has a style of working, depending upon the psychology, theories and concepts that it follows while carrying out their tasks.

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Julian Assange : The enigmatic whistleblower

What happens when you single-handedly start a quest to reveal the fact that the whole world is basically ruled by hypocrites?

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‘The Money God’

The reason why we call him ‘The Money God’ is that he is believed to be the richest man to have ever walked on the earth. His net worth surpasses the combined net worth of around fifty richest men today! Ladies and gentlemen! We’re talking about John D. Rockefeller.

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