The only Indian to garner a lifetime achievement Oscar : Satyajit Ray

We generally cover the inspiring stories of great businessmen and inventors, though we sincerely believe that an accomplishment in any art form is as eternal and inspiring as any other and sometimes more.

Robert Altman once said: “Film making is a chance to live many lifetimes and can get harder than the toughest job that exists in the world”

A well made film is more than just string of pictures moving in succession. It is the most recognizable art form in the world and perhaps the most vivid one too. To make a great film, it requires prodigious skills at almost all the creative and technical avenues. You need a great story with strong script, divine music with meaningful words, mesmerizing dance steps, sharp and detailed camera work, great acting, high-end technology, finest video editing, a workable marketing strategy, lucrative business model and most importantly a mastermind who compiles all these things to give out the best possible amalgamation.

One such mastermind was born on this date. This gentleman revolutionized the film industry and brought it to an unmatched level. He made India proud by becoming the only Indian to receive an Oscar for lifetime achievement. He films has conferred as many as 32 national awards and he is regarded as one of the greatest names in the world cinema. As you would have guesses, we are talking about Bharat Ratna – Satyajit Ray.

Born in the family of artists, sprouting creativity was in his blood. Satyajit Ray started his career by working as visualiser in a British ad-agency. He also worked as cover designer for a publishing house where he was given complete freedom to create his original designs. While designing covers of some classic books, he also got to read them and was highly influenced. Along with a friend, Ray started Calcutta film society where they used screen some great movies of the world and deeply study them. He found ‘Pather Panchali’ a classical Bengali literature piece as the basis of his first film. He made this film by his personal savings and with a team of amateur actors and inexperienced crew. It took him 3 years to complete this project.

Though, when it released it garnered phenomenal praise from people all around the globe. This eventually was the starting spark to one of the most acclaimed careers in films.

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