Nikola Tesla: The greatest mind that has ever lived

He is regarded as one of the greatest minds to ever step on earth. Most of you must be knowing about Nikola Tesla.Tesla is believed to be one of the most remarkable inventors in the world history. 

His works have laid foundations for many modern studies and form an integral part of any curriculum in field of mechanical and electrical engineering. Having more than 300 patents to his name, Tesla dedicated is entire life to science. So much so that he gained a reputation of a ͞mad scientist͟. His miraculous inventions and demonstrations made him world famous and placed him in the top echelons.

Tesla was born on 10th July’1856 to Serbian Parents. Having a keen interest in applied sciences and mathematics from early days and already being famous for solving complex integral calculus problem in his head, Tesla graduated a four year term in three years. In higher studies Tesla concentrated more on field research rather than concentrating on scoring marks. This led him to many conflicts with his professors and other authorities. Being unprepared for final examinations, Tesla never graduated from higher university.

After this time, severing his ties with his family, Tesla left home to pursue various jobs one after the other. In 1882 he got an opportunity to work for Thomas Edison in his company. He had a job of designing and making improvements upon electrical equipment's. While being there, Tesla claimed that he could redesign Edison’s inefficient motors and generators to an improved product both in service and economy. After months of mental and physical labor, Tesla accomplished his target. But over a dispute with payments and royalties, he had to leave their company.

In 1886, Tesla formed his own company and there was no looking back. He went on to produce many lucrative innovations in the field electro-dynamics, alternating currents, magnetic effects, electro-magnetisms, x-rays and radio waves. With one accomplishment after another, Tesla filed for more than 300 patents in his lifetime and made a huge earning. Details of which can be found here: To honour his stature, several appellations have been done.

For example, Nikola Tesla Award, Tesla Motors, Tesla Coil, Nikola Tesla Museum, Tesla Power Plant (one of the world’s largest), 2244 Tesla (a minor planet), Tesla (unit of magnetic field) and much more. Such is the impact and legacy of this great scientist.

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