Audit drive for a major FMCG company

The company successfully conducts vendor audits in over 10 cities with the help of The Testament®

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Here’s how The Testament generated 500 business leads in Bangalore for an online P2P E-commerce Start-up

A P2P Used goods platform conducts a Market Research Drive with the Testament and also generates business leads in the process

Background and Challenge 

According to a recent study, the online used and refurbished goods market in India has increased 3-fold and is making giant strides with big online moguls such as, OLX and Quikr. This growth has been stimulated by growing consumerism and disposable income. 

After successfully running its operations in the niche P2P space, the client was moving to expand its sales channel to a B2B supply chain of old/refurbished goods. The client was aiming to tap these scattered SMB scrap-dealers to enable multi-channel opportunities on its platform thereby increasing the volume on its online marketplace. 

“To consolidate its position as an emerging leader in a competitive B2B E-Commerce platform , the start-up in context was unsure how to deploy a cost effective lead generation campaign to identify the prospective vendors, uncover their needs/supply chain, set-up meetings and build a pipeline of opportunities.” 

The start-up needed a strategy to locate these scattered dealers in used electronics space, primarily dealing with Mobile phones, Laptops, Tablets, etc., enter them into the marketing funnel and turn them into hot leads. 

There’s A Problem, We Solve It

The target market consisted of small and medium scale dealers who weren’t actively looking for an e-commerce platform. Reaching these dealers was only possible through a team of talented Marketers.  

The Testament hired 5 facilitators for 10 days, using the crowd based recruitment technology – Market Recruit®. After an in-depth training using The Testament’s proprietary tech – EnGame® – the facilitators were tasked with: 

  • Collecting details of vendors 
  • Conducting an extensive on-ground survey to understand the nature and state of their business 
  • Pitch the client’s key message in a discreet, yet effective manner 
  • Handover the marketing collateral 

The drive was carried out using the proprietary technology of The Testament – Market Acquire® – which enabled the client to: 

  • Get real-time insights into the program 
  • Record and listen to audio pitches, which is critical for Quality Assessment   
  • Monitor the results 
  • Create a database of prospective and qualified leads along with Geo-coordinates.  
  • Iterate the program with progressive and retrospective analysis 


The Testament was able to generate results on tangible metrics: 

  • 500 business leads in a period of 10 days 
  • Database of vendors to serve as future leads 
  • Pushing the brand to ease market entry  

The client was able to clearly articulate its value proposition to the prospects without any hassle and with an unmatched level of transparency. Also, with The Testament, the client was able to keep the internal head count small and focus on the other key areas. 

Health Care

Visitor Acquisition For A Trade Fair On Health Care Industry

How a trade show organizer acquired 600 visitors for its Health Care trade show, with the help of The Testament®


Trade fairs are strategic platforms, bringing the industry together. The trade fair in the health care industry, organised by the client in context, creates such a platform, uniting both industry members with each other and members of the trade with their buyer and specifier groups. The trade fair in context is on the Indian Health Care industry, being organised on an annual basis in the capital city of Delhi. Based on recent data, the Indian healthcare market, which is worth around $100 billion, will likely grow at a CAGR of 23 per cent to $280 billion by 2020. The client in context is one of the largest and oldest non-governmental body in the country with policy advisory as one of its primary functions. It also organises trade fairs on various industries to spur buyer-seller interaction and give impetus to economic growth in turn. In order to acquire visitors for the event, the client partnered with The Testament® to conduct an on-ground visitor acquisition drive across Delhi for 2 weeks.


For the visitor acquisition drive, the target group was set as:

  • Large hospitals
  • Established nursing homes
  • Popular medical clinics

The Testament activated 6 Faciliatators for this project, for 10 Working Days. The facilitators were tasked with acquiring business visitors for the trade show by pitching about the value proposition of the trade show. They were trained on the proprietary technology tool of The Testament – EnGame®, which gamifies training to better engage the facilitators.

While acquiring business visitors, the facilitators were equipped with Market Acquire app, The Testament’s proprietary technology. While this helped the facilitators to ensure no data was lost in the process of acquisition, the company received constant on ground data in the form of Voice Recorded Pitches, GPS Tracked Location History and On Ground Photographs of the pitch.


  • 600 visitors acquired in 10 days
  • Sold Out trade show
  • On Ground Business Data for future trade shows

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