The innovative way to end all your recruitment vows

The average turnaround time in recruiting is 43 days, a number which is directly responsible for a  loss of business and a stymied growth strategy. This data is especially not encouraging when companies end up making poor recruitment decisions just to plug the positions.

What must be done?

Before going into that, let us review the old model:

The standard approach that most of us use is putting our job descriptions on sites like Indeed and LinkedIn. In India, it’s

Talent Acquisition professionals are forced to “post and pray” and hope that the perfect candidate will stumble onto the description and apply. There’s also the dreaded and tedious task of reading all of these resumes – usually in the hundreds – to find that one candidate.

To solve something, we must look at the problem from another perspective. Recruiters are supposed to hire the right candidate from the crowd, hence why not crowdsource the hunt for that candidate? We must realize that hiring by outsourcing is long winded and expensive, a model that blunts the edge in today’s hyper competitive market. What outsourcing needs is an upgrade by incorporating Crowdsourcing.

The elegance of the thought comes from the fact that the recruitment world is all about connections. Leveraging the power of the crowd to find the best fit for your vacant positions is seemingly disruptive but eventually inevitable.

The idea seems a no brainer, but you may ask why would the crowd help us out?

Well they wouldn’t if you just say thank you to them, the idea is to direct the money from the recruiters to the crowd and let them provide you the best fit from the rich connections they have.

The process is to post a job opening on the platform, gather the algorithmically screened resumes and pay the person who referred the selected candidate. This saves a ton of money on part of the company and reduces the turnover time from weeks to mere days.


Market Recruit - the crowd based recruitment platform from The Testament - enables companies to expedite the hiring process, while reducing the costs and pleasing the job market. Want to try?

You could reach out to us at, or call 011-47508511


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Posted by Syed Zaeem Anwar

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