Customer Acquisition For Transport Services Start-Up


How an e-Shuttle service provider gathered nearly 500 User registrations in 2 days, with the help of The Testament®.


As the transportation industry continues to evolve in a fast growing Indian economy, technology is increasingly playing a pivotal role in the process. The company in context is a mobile app based office bus services provider, operating primarily in Delhi NCR. The company provides convenient, hassle free travel options between Noida, Gurugram and Delhi NCR. As a newly launched service, the company had a limited user base and required to acquire more customers for expansion. The company decided to use The Testament’s customer acquisition capabilities to conduct an on-ground customer acquisition drive.


The Testament® organised the customer acquisition drive in two distinct methods:

Metro stations in Gurugram, Bus stands in Faridabad

To acquire customers for the company, The Testament® deployed 5 facilitators in various metro stations of Gurugram, which were carefully selected based on demographic analysis. The acquisition drive continued for 12 working days, during which the facilitators were tasked with gathering as many sign ups on the mobile app as possible. A similar drive was conducted in bus stands in Faridabad as well.

Corporate offices in Gurugram:

Corporate offices in Gurugram presented great opportunities for The Testament® for customer acquisition, as they housed professional in-line with the client company’s target group. These were professionals who traveled on daily basis between Delhi and Gurugram for their jobs. The Testament® setup registration kiosks in corporate offices in Gurugram, the branding collateral was provided by the client company. It was a 20 working day long drive with 3 marketing facilitators involved.


  • 420 Registrations from metro stations and Bus stands
  • 30 Upfront Subscriptions from Corporate Offices
  • List of 200 Leads expressing interest in the client services


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