Co-Working Space gets Great Response by the numerous Business Leads acquired by The Testament

Co-Working Spaces acquire 150 business leads in commercial hubs of Delhi with The Testament's customer acquisition capabilities  


Co-working is a style of work that involves a shared working environment, often an office, and independent activity. Although a more involved concept in the west, the idea is now catching on in India as well, fueled by the growth of the rising number of startups. The company in context offers co-working spaces across the city of Delhi, by turning everyday coffee spaces into work zones. Customers pay extra for the F&B. Being a startup with a limited consumer base, the client decided to partner with The Testament® to conduct an on-ground lead generation drive.


WHERE: The Testament®, after discussion with the client decided on targeting various cafes in the commercial hubs of Delhi as the sites for lead generation. Customers come to these cafes for various purpose, one of them being to work independently. Free WiFi, comfortable seating arrangements, and hygienic environments provide an ideal setup for work. These customers were of extreme importance to the client, and needed to generate leads from this population.

HOW: The Testament® activated 2 Facilitators for a week for this project. The facilitators were trained about the company’s products and the F&B sector before being deployed to important commercial hubs in Delhi. The target areas were primarily Connaught Place, Hauz Khas, Safdarjung, Green Park etc. The facilitators encompassed these areas, targeting various cafes. Facilitators approached these customers, pitched them about the co-working spaces being offered by the client, and collected consumer data (name, contact details, preference of work-space etc.). The Facilitators also handed out marketing collateral's (client pamphlets) to the target customers.


  • 150 Business Leads acquired in 5 days
  • Increased Brand Awareness among target segment

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