The Testament’s Market Research Capabilities help Acquire End to End Market Data for a Water Purification Company

How an organisation successfully captured end to end industry data of Bottlers,Retailers and Customers for the water purification industry by using  The Testament's Market Research capabilities. 



The organisation in context is a leading water purification solutions provider in the country. The organisation required market data across the supply chain at primarily three levels: bottlers, retailers and customers. However, acquiring this data seemed to be a costly affair as traditional market research agencies charged higher than the marketing budget of the company. Another drawback of traditional research agencies was the absence of raw data. Traditional agencies only provided summary data with generated inferences. However, if the company in context wanted to translate the market research into a lead generating pipeline, it needed the actual on-ground data as well.


The Testament® activated 5 Facilitators  for over a month for this project. The facilitators were trained about the company’s products and the industry before being deployed to different areas in Gurugram. They encompassed the market in three phases.

In the first phase,all Bottling Plants in Gurugram were visited. The facilitators closely monitored the manufacturing method for packaged drinking water, assessed the closeness to industry standards and analysed the variance in pricing.

In the second phase, more than 100 Retailers were surveyed to know the intricacies of packaged water supply from seller’s viewpoint factoring variance in costing, delivery and quality check.

The last phase involved surveying more than  300 Consumers in two segments: retail and corporate. The survey judged the satisfaction level of the consumers across dimensions such as quality, price, distribution etc. and scope of improvements in the process.


  • Detailed report on Water purification Industry in Delhi NCR.
  • Detailed Customer Profile including demographics, usage behavior etc.
  • Clear insights on Customer Satisfaction level across sample space.
  • List of all Respondents to translate market research to business.

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