The Testament helps capture Market Data over 2 cities for a Men’s Grooming Startup

How a Men's Grooming  start-up captured market and consumer data from 600 salons in 2 cities, with the help of The Testament® Data Acquisition Capabilities.



Men’s grooming as a category has been experiencing high growth in recent years and is slated to grow at 14% CAGR for the next 5 years. Recent years have seen start-ups come into the category with the intention of exploiting the growth potential in this field. The client in context was a men’s grooming start-up which required market data to successfully foray into the field. The client had primarily four objectives:

  • To gauge brand awareness
  • To measure customer satisfaction
  • To understand factors driving growth in the category
  • To spread awareness among retailers and consumers

The drive had to be organised in two cities: Mumbai and Bangalore.


Based on the objectives of the research, it was structured as an exploratory cum descriptive study. A questionnaire was designed by The Testament® which was approved by the client after reviews. A sample size of 610 salons (299salons in Mumbai, 310 salons in Bangalore) were selected for the survey. 8 Facilitators (4 in Mumbai, 4 in Bangalore) were deployed on-ground administration of the survey, to be done over a period of two weeks. Once the survey was administered and data captured, the facilitators also raised brand awareness of the company by providing free samples to the salons.


  • 299 Saloons surveyed in Mumbai
  • 310 Saloons surveyed in Bangalore
  • Incisive brand awareness
  • Complete List of salons for future lead conversions

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