Visitor acquisition for an inaugural laser expo


The trade show industry has to walk a very narrow rope when it comes to visitors, because the success of the show hinges upon them delivering the right crowd to the exhibitors. This rope becomes narrower if it’s a niche B2B exhibition.

This problem resonates across the industry because it is impossible to reach all the prospects spread across the nation, thus the obvious choice would be to send emails to all the relevant executives but we all know where they end up.

To effectively tackle the  conundrum, The Testament came up with elegant service of visitor acquisition for the exhibition industry. We have been working with the largest names in the industry for the past 5 years, delivering industry relevant visitors from across India.

This time our expertise was to be leveraged in making the debut event for lasers a runaway success.

The drive was to target the following industries:

  • Auto Components
  • Sheet Metal
  • Medical Equipment
  • Textile


The drive was started by simultaneously training our facilitators about the pitch,on our gamified app EnGame, and identifying the clusters of the above mentioned industries across NCR.

The plan was made for a multi pronged campaign lasting 20 days across the business hubs of NCR. As the target industry was very specific. working for 20 days, they personally invited business owners and recorded their pitch, name, address, business type, GPS on our MarketAcquire app.


  • 2000 visitors acquired
  • Expedited process
  • Hands off approach for the client
  • Reached SME which usually are not reached by mails
  • Sold out trade show

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Posted by Syed Zaeem Anwar

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