Visitor Acquisition for an Electronic Expo


The electronic industry in India is projected to be worth 104 billion dollars by 2020. This rapid rise caused by new technologies has opened the channels for the entry of several big players. The need for a single platform to showcase the latest technologies gave birth to Electronica, but, the challenge was to assemble an industry spread across India under a single venue.

The Testament rose to the occasion and rapidly deployed its marketing forces across the industrial belts of the nation.


Teams of facilitators were trained and deployed in the industrial clusters of Northern India. The facilitators were to meet the people of the following profile:

  • R&D heads/Engineers
  • Purchase Manger

The data and pitch was recorded on our Market Acquire App, this data was shared with the client after quality checks. The weighted data acquired was assigned to our tele calling forces which systematically persuaded the prospects to attend the show.


  • Sold out show
  • Over 1000 business visitors delivered to the venue
  • Hands off marketing for the client
  • Industry relevant data to the client


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Posted by Syed Zaeem Anwar

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