Visitor Acquisition for Vaping event


Vaping and E-cigarettes are the natural successors for stick cigarettes; they don’t have tar and yet have adequate nicotine to keep a smoker satisfied. These products are striking up a global phenomenon and manufacturers have India also on their radar.
To introduce the products to the Indian market, Vape Expo is being organized in India Expo Mart( Greater Noida), requiring a big crowd to make the event successful.
To spread the word and attract the relevant visitors, the event organizers partnered with The Testament.
The drive was to be conducted in NCR region of India.


The Testament activated 7 facilitators over a period of 7 days; the facilitators were trained about the event and were provided with the pamphlets.
The facilitators went to college and office hubs throughout Delhi, approaching people who were smoking, intimating them about the benefits of E-cigarettes and Vaping, while recording the pitch simultaneously. The facilitators also told of the festive environment of the expo and thus reached a larger crowd.
The name, number, email id, college name or job were taken down on The Testaments MarketAcquire app.
The sanitized data was shared in real time with the client stationed in Europe.


  • 1650 registrations in just 1 week
  • Expedited work for client
  • Hands off drive for the company with impeccable operational efficiency
  • Extraordinary cost saving and transparent process
  • Quick delivery time

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Posted by Syed Zaeem Anwar

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