The Testament acquires 4500 business visitors to a leading Engineering and Technology Trade Show

How a trade show in the Engineering and Technology
Industry organised a trade show with 4500 visitors in 18 days, with
the help of The Testament®

20 Marketing facilitators scan across the capital city to acquire business visitors for the client 


The Indian Engineering sector has witnessed a remarkable growth over the last few years driven by increased investments in infrastructure and industrial production. The capital goods & engineering turnover in India is expected to
reach US$ 125.4 billion by FY17. The client in context is one of the largest and oldest non-governmental body in the country with policy advisory as one of its primary functions. It also organises trade fairs on various industries to spur
buyer-seller interaction and give impetus to economic growth in turn. The trade fair in context is on the Engineering and Technology sector, being organised on an annual basis in Delhi. In order to acquire visitors for the event, the client partnered with The Testament® to conduct an on-ground visitor acquisition drive across the city of Delhi.


For the visitor acquisition drive, the target group was set as:
 Corporates working across industries
 Engineering firms engaged in producing capital goods
 Manufacturing firms producing consumer goods
The Testament activated 20 Facilitators for this project, for 18 Working days. The facilitators were tasked with acquiring business visitors for the trade show by pitching about the value proposition of the trade show. They were trained on the proprietary technology tool of The Testament®-EnGame, which gamifies training to better engage the facilitators.

While acquiring business visitors, the facilitators were equipped with Market Acquire app, The Testament’s proprietary technology. While this helped the facilitators to ensure no data was lost in the process of acquisition, the
company received constant on ground data in the form of Voice Recorded Pitches, GPS Tracked Location History and On Ground Phoographs of the pitch.


 4500 visitors acquired in 10 days
 Sold Out trade show
On Ground Business Data  for future trade shows

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