Mobile Payments Solutions Provider Uses The Testament’s Market Acquisition Capabilities To On board Merchants Across Gurugram

How a mobile payments solution provider on-boarded 200 merchants on its platform, with the help of The Testament®



As of April 2017, approximately 65 million users in India use digital payments as a method of transacting. With the push of the Govt. of India towards digitisation of services, this number is slated to grow at a rapid pace. The client in context is a leading mobile payments solution provider allowing users to pay through their mobile wallets. For this project, the client required to on board more merchants across Delhi NCR, particularly in Gurugram.


The Testament® deployed 4 Facilitators to work for 15 Days across various commercial areas of Gurugram. On-boarding merchants for mobile payments requires the process to go through various checks to comply with various financial regulations prevailing in the country. The facilitators were trained regarding the various KYC norms and other related financial regulations on The Testament’s gamified technology platform EnGame®. With training done, the facilitators were activated on-ground to visit various commercial hubs in Gurugram, targeting retailers of all scales. On-boarding merchants went through the following steps:

 KYC norms compliant documentation
 QR code generation
 Placement of branding collaterals (posters, standies etc.) in the establishment
 Merchant account creation


 200 merchants acquired 15 days
 Increase in market share
 Insights into target group

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