From Rags to Riches: Patricia Narayan (Director, Sandeepha Restaurants)

Patricia Narayan

Once earning mere pennies, she now earns Rs. 2 lakhs a day.

This is the story of Patricia Narayan. Being awarded ‘FICCI – Entrepreneur of the year’ in 2010, she has one of the most inspiring ‘Rags to Riches’ story to share.

Born in the family with less than humble privileges, she left her education untimely owing to an early marriage. Within few years, her life took an ugly turn and left her with two children at the crossroads with nowhere to go as a result of a failed marriage. Having a clever mind and determination to survive, she chose to start on her own and an entrepreneur was born. Driven by her majestic skills at cooking, she started a small coffee shop in Marine Drive in Mumbai. On its first day, it sold only one cup generating revenue of 50 paise to cheer about. But as they say ‘work started is half work done’, she never looked back. She was back at the Marine Drive and things started getting better.

Working multiple shifts for years, she ventured into selling of home-made jams and pickles which proved to be an appreciable money churning business. In regards to the heavenly taste of her food, she started gaining recognition in this field, this led to several collaborations with many restaurants, canteens and several catering orders over next few years.

Thus, a woman who once was rest assured of a bleak future with her two kids was now earning 25,000 a day. What could have been a perfect time to look over collaborations and start your own independent service. She did exactly the same and came up with her own restaurant which later developed into a successful chain ‘Sandeepha’.
Her 30 years of stride has seen enough moment of hardships which could have made any ordinary person give up. But she is not ordinary and she is not done yet. Her next target is to operate a ‘Cruise Liner’

We wish Patricia Narayan a happy life!


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