George Boole: The man who gave a new meaning to 1 and 0

He gave to the world almost everything. Be it Computers, phones, laptops, watches, radios, televisions, rocket ships, security systems and any electronic gadget you can think of.

Though some smart minds must be frowning over the invalidity of the statements made, but what has been written actually makes sense.

The concept that serves as the key fundamental for electronics, microprocessors, embedded systems is Boolean Logic System. This concept is responsible for connecting the virtual world to the physical world. 

This work was introduced and developed by George Boole who was born on this day back in 1815.

Born to a tradesman in Liverpool, George Boole availed a little formal education. Most of his early life went in self-teaching and doing small jobs. Without studying in any institution or being helped by any teacher, he on his own mastered the concepts of mathematics and started teaching local lads.

At a young age of 19, he became a prominent figure in his area and managed to open a school. He kept his hunger for knowledge and his quest for anything and everything alive all this while and read wide variety of works. This grand heap of knowledge adjoined with an unbeatable intelligence was up to create something so significant that its outcomes take most of our man hours today.

He brought together the concepts of calculus, algebra, probability and his surreal to shape up the logic system and Boolean algebra. This culminated to be the ultimate basic step towards any technological advancement in the field of Computer Science and Electronics.

We can’t thank this man enough for his contribution!

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