Indian Oil Major Employs The Testament®’s Training Services across the nation

This Indian Oil Major trained over 30,000 resources spread across  96 cities using The Testament’s Training Capabilities


Major Oil Companies have large operations spread across farthest corners of the country. Training their resources on system updations, new norms and regulations, new methods, technologies and values is an operationally daunting task. Imagine having lakhs of employees stationed across hundreds of cities, needing exhaustive training to work in unison. The Testament got the chance to take over the responsibility to train over 30,000 personnel of an Indian Oil Major spread across 96 cities of 13 states of India.

The project involved recruiting talented and responsible Training Facilitators in Tier 2, 3, and 4 cities of India on monthly contracts and deploying them in different cities to deliver the training sessions with perfection. Needless to say, the operational flow of the project had to be extremely well planned to give a predictable outcome. Thankfully, with the support of various stakeholders, The Testament got the job done leaving everyone smiling.


Process Design: There are four levels of management at the Oil Company which needed to work in synergy: Head Office, State Office, District Office and Regional Office. The directives like training timeline, content, delivery, feedback at each centre (Oil Outlet) had to be decided from the top and followed all the way to the bottom.

Content Module Design: Each professional working for the Oil Major had to be trained on Safety, Sanity, Digital Payments, Basic Hygiene and Soft Skills. The module (to be delivered by the trainers within one working day) needed to be exhaustive, yet concise to incorporate all the aspects necessary to improve the operations. Post Module Design, a thorough training needed to be imparted to Trainers to be able to do their jobs with necessary reliability.

Scheduling of trainings and System Updation: Coordinating with over 40 trainers simultaneously working in 13 states of the country requires multi layered management. For this purpose, we had state coordinators installed in every state assisting each trainer through a well oiled modus operandi. Those state coordinators stayed in constant touch with trainers and The Testament’s executives to prepare the training timelines, get them approved by all stakeholders and following up on the MIS so a detailed report could be generated. Training timelines needed to be prepared with due caution as each trainer had been allocated multiple cities of a state. The transportation of each trainer needed to be optimized to reduce travel and stay costs.

Training Delivery and Invoicing: Since our talented trainers were being billed as per training man-days, the training delivery was recorded everyday along with due consultation and quality checks from the Oil Major. Post the delivery, an MIS was created and collated at the end of each month to process the trainer’s payments. Through this project, The Testament’s executives interacted with over 57 trainers and facilitated over 3000 training man-days.


The 30,000+ resources of the Oil Major were left elevated with new knowledge, on-the-job training, and inspiration provided by The Testament’s trainers on their doorsteps. 








Visitor Acquisition for an Electronic Expo


The electronic industry in India is projected to be worth 104 billion dollars by 2020. This rapid rise caused by new technologies has opened the channels for the entry of several big players. The need for a single platform to showcase the latest technologies gave birth to Electronica, but, the challenge was to assemble an industry spread across India under a single venue.

The Testament rose to the occasion and rapidly deployed its marketing forces across the industrial belts of the nation.


Teams of facilitators were trained and deployed in the industrial clusters of Northern India. The facilitators were to meet the people of the following profile:

  • R&D heads/Engineers
  • Purchase Manger

The data and pitch was recorded on our Market Acquire App, this data was shared with the client after quality checks. The weighted data acquired was assigned to our tele calling forces which systematically persuaded the prospects to attend the show.


  • Sold out show
  • Over 1000 business visitors delivered to the venue
  • Hands off marketing for the client
  • Industry relevant data to the client


Visitor Acquisition for Vaping event


Vaping and E-cigarettes are the natural successors for stick cigarettes; they don’t have tar and yet have adequate nicotine to keep a smoker satisfied. These products are striking up a global phenomenon and manufacturers have India also on their radar.
To introduce the products to the Indian market, Vape Expo is being organized in India Expo Mart( Greater Noida), requiring a big crowd to make the event successful.
To spread the word and attract the relevant visitors, the event organizers partnered with The Testament.
The drive was to be conducted in NCR region of India.


The Testament activated 7 facilitators over a period of 7 days; the facilitators were trained about the event and were provided with the pamphlets.
The facilitators went to college and office hubs throughout Delhi, approaching people who were smoking, intimating them about the benefits of E-cigarettes and Vaping, while recording the pitch simultaneously. The facilitators also told of the festive environment of the expo and thus reached a larger crowd.
The name, number, email id, college name or job were taken down on The Testaments MarketAcquire app.
The sanitized data was shared in real time with the client stationed in Europe.


  • 1650 registrations in just 1 week
  • Expedited work for client
  • Hands off drive for the company with impeccable operational efficiency
  • Extraordinary cost saving and transparent process
  • Quick delivery time

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