Mark Zuckerberg: The man who connected the world


Most of us struggle to find what we want to do in our career even after graduation; but the genius we are talking about figured it out when he was 12.

At that age, he learned a programming language called BASIC and developed a messenger that connected all the computers at his home and his father’s dental clinic while exchanging messages between each of them. He called it “Zucknet”. That way, the receptionist at the clinic could message Mr. Elder Zuckerberg whenever a patient arrived and he would come running from his home which was only ten steps away. For a 12 year old to create such a software, it was more than an achievement.

Another time at which Mark showed his extraordinary programming skills was when he was in high school. While everyone around him was busy finding a date for themselves, Mark chose to create an artificially intelligent media player ‘Synapse’ for carefully studied the preferences of a user and was able to generate playlists ‘guessing’, which tracks user wants to listen to right now.

It was 2003 in which Mark rose to fame on his college campus all because of a website he created – FaceMash. He quickly wrote a program that randomly selected pictures of two random female students and put them next to each other, asking “Who is hotter?”, giving the option for voting. FaceMash was an instant hit and became the stepping stone to Facebook. Many people believe Mark got lucky in his success when he “accidentally” got the idea of FaceMash which he took forward.

But, his success ladder began the day when he took up programming at the age of 12, devoting countless hours and effort perfecting his coding. FaceMash was just an opportunity for which he had been preparing since childhood.

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