Travis Kelenick: The controversial tech tycoon

An app that can connect users to a central system of taxi and ride sharing services without having to hail one on the streets. This one line idea is the foundation for the 6.3 billion fortune of the controversial Travis Kelenick.

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The fastest way to know what the customer wants

An educated decision is the difference between success or failure, it is step which needs several insights, primarily of which is the market research.

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George Boole: The man who gave a new meaning to 1 and 0

He gave to the world almost everything. Be it Computers, phones, laptops, watches, radios, televisions, rocket ships, security systems and any electronic gadget you can think of.

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Mark Zuckerberg: The man who connected the world


Most of us struggle to find what we want to do in our career even after graduation; but the genius we are talking about figured it out when he was 12.

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Nikola Tesla: The greatest mind that has ever lived

He is regarded as one of the greatest minds to ever step on earth. Most of you must be knowing about Nikola Tesla.Tesla is believed to be one of the most remarkable inventors in the world history.  Read More