Audit drive for a major FMCG company

The company successfully conducts vendor audits in over 10 cities with the help of The Testament®

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The only Indian to garner a lifetime achievement Oscar : Satyajit Ray

We generally cover the inspiring stories of great businessmen and inventors, though we sincerely believe that an accomplishment in any art form is as eternal and inspiring as any other and sometimes more.

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The book that tipped the decade: Story of Malcolm Gladwell

Every organisation has a style of working, depending upon the psychology, theories and concepts that it follows while carrying out their tasks.

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Julian Assange : The enigmatic whistleblower

What happens when you single-handedly start a quest to reveal the fact that the whole world is basically ruled by hypocrites?

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Why digital marketing fails the gaming industry, and what’s the alternative

An aloof gaming community is being carpet bombed with marketing tactics with no emphasis on buying experience. Is this a big problem? Read More