The Testament® provides recruitment consulting services to the world’s largest online cab aggregator

Leading cab aggregator attracts top talent to fill 25 vacancies across entry and mid-level positions with the help of The Testament's recruitment consulting capabilities


As top companies look for avenues to grow in an extremely competitive market, it has become extremely important for organisations to attract bright talent to join as employees. The client in context is a global cab aggregation company having 26 vacancies across entry and mid-level positions. There were two positions specifically: Partner Support Representative and Senior Partner Support Representative.

Partner Support Representative (PSR) position entailed interacting with the drivers of the cab aggregation company and handling the various concerns/queries which may arise during operations. The company considers the drivers on their marketplace platform as partners in the business model, and hence the job profile was named as Partner Support Representative. The job profile also had responsibilities such as tracking driver activities and aligning the payout at the end of the billing cycle with the number of rides/distance covered by the partners (drivers).

Senior Partner Support Representatives would have the responsibility of managing a team of PSRs, and take leadership role with respect to Partner Support.


To attract and screen top talent in the field, The Testament® followed a multi stage approach which consisted of the following steps:

Vacancy posting: Job vacancies were posted in various job platforms as well as The Testament’s proprietary recruitment platform – Market Recruit®. Through Market Recruit®, users can register on the platform and browse various job postings from top companies. They can then refer suitable candidates from their own network for the various job openings. Once the candidate gets selected, the referee gets handsomely rewarded through cash incentives.

Application Screening: Once applications started pouring through the channels, the team at The Testament® performed a two-round screening based on preliminary criterion as well as resume based shortlisting to filter out the best fit candidates. The resumes of the filtered candidates were forwarded to the company for confirmation.

Interview alignment: Once the company confirmed the fit of the candidate in the relevant job vacancies, interviews were aligned of the candidates with the company. The final step of the process i.e. the interview was conducted from the company’s side.


  • All Positions filled with the best fit candidates
  • Monetary rewards for all successful referees

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