The Testament’s delivers Business Footfall over the period of two years for The Food Processing Trade Show

How a Food Processing Trade Show acquired 1500 business visitors, with the help of The Testament® in 3 weeks 


The food processing industry is one of the largest industries in India and ranks fifth in terms of production, consumption and exports. To fully realize the growth potential of the industry, B2B trade shows play an integral part, connecting buyers with sellers in the industry. The company in context is one of India’s leading trade show organizer, with shows in sectors such as Energy, Food and FMCG, Real Estate, Pharma etc. Its flagship show in the Food and FMCG sector is organised on an annual basis, in the financial capital of the country. To gather quality visitor traffic for the show, the company decided to work with The Testament® and conduct an on-ground customer acquisition drive.


The Testament activated 6 Facilitators to work for 3 Weeks. Since the exhibition was being organised in Mumbai, The Testament® targeted businesses in 6 cities in 3 states: Maharashtra (Mumbai, Pune), Gujarat (Ahmedabad, Surat, Rajkot) and Goa. A wide array of businesses was targeted, which included businesses from food processing and packaging industry, raw food material manufacturers, dealers of spice ingredients, food ingredient manufacturers, packaging industry, bakeries and food marts etc.

The Testament® primarily worked on:

  • Extensive Demographic Research of the relevant business prospects in the field of food manufacturing industry.
  • Utilization of in-house technological tools like MarketAcquire® to consolidate registration data along with pitch recordings and Geo-coordinates.
  • A Training Video was produced to help train the resources and improve retention.
  • Regular Assistance from the Operations Team of The Testament® to the Marketing Facilitators and the client.
  • Comprehensive Quality Check on the data received at the back end through stringent internal processes.


  •  1500 visitors acquired in 21 days
  •  Sold Out trade shows
  •  Regional On Ground Data for future trade shows

With the Testament's visitor acquisition capabilities,food processing trade fair gathers 3000 business visitors over a period of 2 years.

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